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KIKO Antiques Curator Featured in Massillon Newspaper

Wednesday - August 13, 2014
Written By: Derek Lann
Antiques appraiser Bill Gill Jr. examines a piece he says he has never seen before, a bronze branch with five painted parakeets, as owner Karen DeGalan (left), of Jackson Township, looks on.

Recently KIKO Real Estate and Auctioneers long time antique curator, William H. Gill Jr., was featured in an article in the Massillon Independent.  It was a very well written piece by staff writer Amy Knapp, depicting a very unusual antique William had never seen in his almost 40 years of curating.  It also went on to explain that new technology, like the internet, combined with the power of the auction method of marketing can reap collectible owners a big payday for their "unknown" treasures.  William Jr. explains in the article that "the Internet can provide a wealth of knowledge about the value of an item," and "attending auctions also can provide information about what items will garner big dollars".  Read the full story by clicking the link below, and remember another man's trash could just be the TREASURE you're looking for! 

Massillon Independent story: http://www.indeonline.com/article/20140810/NEWS/140819972/0/SEARCH

William Gill is a seasoned veteran in the auction industry, having more than 40 years experience. Mr. Gill joined the KIKO auction team in 1973, became a licensed real estate agent in 1974, and a licensed and bonded auctioneer in 1986 - specializing in antiques, collectibles, and appraisals. As a full time KIKO Auctioneer, Mr. Gill has curated and sold over $30 million in antiques and collectibles throughout his career.  His integrity and expertise is unparalleled in the antique industry.

The KIKO Company is a full service auction company and real estate brokerage offering for sale, auction, special financing, on-line selling, and buyer representation.  For more information on turning your assets into cash with KIKO visit them on the web at www.kikocompany.com or call 330-453-9187.

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